Pop OS 18.04 – Great Linux OS for your desktop

Good news for Ubuntu 18.04 lovers. The Pop OS 18.04 is now available for testing. Pop OS is Ubuntu based Operating System developed by System76. The new version of Pop OS 18.04 comes with many interesting features. It still in development stage but you are free to download and test it.

pop os 18.04 main.png

Pop OS 18.04 comes with GNOME desktop environment as default. Its pretty lightweight and responsive even I run it as a virtual guest on Virtualbox. It has Gnome 3.28.0 with Pop OS theme and icons.

pop os 18.04 application launcher.jpg

Installed Applications

You will get some basic applications installed by default. LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox and Geary Mail are the default applications to handle your documents, browse the web and email client. But you can easily add or remove software using Pop Shop software center.

pop os software.png

Pop Shop

Pop Shop is the customized software center on Pop OS. You can find, install and uninstall software from this application. It is very easy to use and is very responsive.

pop shop.jpg

Under The Hood

Pop OS 18.04 is powered by Linux Kernel 4.15.0, which includes many new hardware support and also many improvements.


You may download the latest Pop OS 18.04 ISO from this link.

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