KaOS 2017.06, Nice Looking Distro with KDE Plasma 5.10

KaOS 2017.06 has been released few days ago. KaOS is  Rolling Release Linux distribution with KDE Plasma desktop environment. This new version of KaOS 2017.06 now shipped with the latest KDE Plasma version 5.10.0. The new snapshot ISO also includes KDE Framework version 5.34.0.

kaos 2017-06 info.png

If you are pursuing an eye catching Linux for Desktop, KaOS 2017.06 could be your next target. The Plasma 5.10 is open for customization where you can improve the look and feel of this distro.

KaOS 2017.06 is distributed as Live DVD ISO. We can easily boot using Live mode without having to install first. As a test, I boot up my KaOS on a Virtualbox guest machine. To be honest, this KDE is very heavy to run on a virtual machine. I would prefer to try it using Live USB.

kaos 2017-06 screenshot 1.png

As you can see, the panel and task manager now located on the right side, very unusual and for me its a bit uncomfortable. Its a bit frustrating for anyone who new to KDE to move the Panel to other location. The panel settings is not user friendly.

kaos 2017-06 app menu.png

But apart from that, KaOS 2017 brings bunch of software installed by default. My only complain is why QupZilla is the default web browser on this great distribution. Why Qupzilla if there is Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera out there available for free? These browsers are way more easier to use. If I am going to use KaOS for longer time, the first thing I would do is installing Google Chrome on top of it. No offence but its way easier for me.

kaos 2017-06 file manager.png

The Settings contains everything you need to customize KaOS. Theme and icon changer, fonts and color settings, startup and shutdown behaviour and many more.

kaos 2017-06 settings.png

Bottom Line

KaOS 2017.06 is a promising distribution with rolling release features. Its open for user customization and also comes with many useful programs. KDE Plasma 5.10 is very stable and beautiful. Even it took me some times to get my self used to it.

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