Install Moka Icon Theme on Arch Linux 2017

I just installed Arch Linux 2017 on my computer. I choose Budgie Desktop as the Desktop Environment. It works pretty well but I don’t like the default icon theme on my Arch desktop. And finally, my favorite Moka Icon Theme will be installed to replace the default icon theme.

Steps to install Moka Icon Theme on Arch

A. Via Terminal

Use this command to install Moka Icon Theme via terminal. Make sure you have yaourt installed. Read how to install yaourt on Arch Linux on this post.

yaourt -S moka-icon-theme

install moka icon theme arch linux.png

B. Via Pamac Software Manager

If you prefer using GUI to install, you may open Pamac and search for moka-icon-theme. Mark it for installation and you are good to go.

install moka icon theme arch linux 2.png

Once installed use Gnome Tweak Tool to apply the icon theme.


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