How to install Emby Server, free multimedia streaming server on Ubuntu 17.04

This tutorial is going to show you how to install Emby Server on Ubuntu 17.04. Emby Server is a free multimedia streaming server which allows us to stream multimedia content to any supported devices. It also can be used to stream Live TV to your devices. The latest version 3.2.15 is now available for download.

Emby Server is a great way to manage, watch and stream your multimedia contents from any devices on your network. Its similar to Plex Media Server. It supports DLNA server as well.

Emby server functionality can be expanded with plugins. This plugin can be installed easily via web management UI.

How to install Emby Server on Ubuntu 17.04

Step 1. Add the key

Step 2. Add the repository

Step 3. Install Emby

Step 4. Configure Emby

Open web browser and type the ip-address of the Ubuntu with the following format:


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