How to install Emby Server on Arch Linux 2017

install emby server on arch linux

On this tutorial, I will show you how to install Emby Server on Arch Linux 2017. Basically, I want to turn my Arch Linux into a multi purposes server. And I believe that Arch Linux is great for Server as well. Emby Server is a free application that can turn our computer into multimedia streaming server. After that, we can stream from any supported devices and computer. You can listen to your music, watch your favorite movies and many more.

install emby server on arch linux

Emby Server comes with a nice and easy to use web dashboard where we can change some of its settings, add new library, install plugins and also change the server details.

Steps to install Emby Server on Arch Linux 2017

Step 1. Install Emby Server

Emby Server package is available on Pacman repository which means we can easily install it using single command below.

Once finished, start the server

We can then check the server status

Step 2. Configure Emby Server

Once installed, open a web browser and type the Arch Linux IP address with the following format

You will be asked to enter some details during configuration. Once completed, you can start adding movies or music to your library.

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