How to install Docker on Debian 8.8 Jessie

Debian Tutorial – Hello, welcome to my website and today we will learn how to install Docker on Debian 8.8 Server. Before we go through, you may want to power up a Debian 8.8 server in the cloud using DigitalOcean Droplet. Its an easy way to setup a low cost private cloud server, starting from $5. I just created a new server instance on DigitalOcean with Debian 8.8 Jessie.

install docker on debian 8

Steps to install Docker on Debian 8.8 Jessie

Step 1. Update Debian

Step 2. Setup Repository

We will install Docker CE (Community Edition) on Debian Jessie. Make sure you have root access to your Debian Server. First, copy paste these lines to install necessary packages prior to Docker installation.

Now add the key

Add the repository

Update Debian

Step 3. Install Docker

The command above will install Docker Community Edition. Wait until the installation completed.

Now check Docker status.

If its not running, you can execute the following command

Thanks for reading this how to install Docker on Debian 8.8 Jessie. I hope it can be useful for anyone.

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