How to Mount macOS EFI Partition from Ubuntu Linux

In this article, I am going to show you how to mount macOS EFI partition from Ubuntu Linux. I am currently running a macOS Catalina Hackintosh. I tested to update to the latest OpenCore boot loader. But unfortunately, it did not work as I expected. As a result, my Hackintosh won’t boot properly because my EFI contains error, etc. But thankfully, I still have the backup of my working EFI. So, I can easily pop in this working EFI and replacing the EFI which contains error.

Since I am not a macOS savvy, I don’t know how to open/access my EFI partition using the macOS recovery environment. But fortunately, Ubuntu comes to rescue me. I created the Ubuntu 20.10 live USB and boot the Hackintosh with the Ubuntu USB. From the Ubuntu Terminal, I can easily mount the EFI partition and replace the EFI folder easily.

Steps to Mount macOS EFI partition from Ubuntu Linux

Step 1. Download Ubuntu ISO

I would recommend to use Ubuntu 20.10. It is easy to use and user friendly. You can grab the ISO from the link below.

Step 2. Create the Ubuntu Live USB

Now grab a USB drive and then use the Rufus software (Windows) or Etcher (macOS/Windows/Linux). You can then create the Ubuntu Live USB using the software.

Step 3. Boot the Hackintosh PC

With the Ubuntu Live USB, boot your Hackintosh PC until it reach the Ubuntu Desktop.

Step 4. Mount the EFI partition

Open Terminal and then run the following command to list the disks and partitions.

sudo fdisk -l

Scroll down to find the correct partition. Usually, the macOS EFI partition size is exactly 200MB and the type is EFI system. See the picture above. In my case, the EFI partition device is marked as /dev/sde1. This device name can be different on each system.

To mount the EFI partition, simply use this command

sudo mount /dev/sde1 /mnt

The command will mount the EFI partition to /mnt.

Done. Now the EFI partition is mounted.

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