How to install Webmin on Debian 8.8 Jessie

Debian Tutorial – Hello Debian users, today we will show you how to install Webmin on Debian 8.8 Server. Webmin is a web based administration tool to manage your Linux server. The new Webmin 1.840 is now available with┬ámany interesting features.

Webmin 1.840 Features:

  • New fresh and modern design
  • Fast, easy to use with categorized menu

Installing Webmin on Debian 8.8 is very easy. Please follow these steps to install Webmin on Debian.

Steps to install Webmin on Debian 8.8 Jessie

Step 1. Download Webmin package

In Terminal, execute this command to get the latest Webmin DEB package.

Step 2. Install required packages

Now we need to install some additional packages

In some cases you will get the following error

Fix it using this command below

Step 3. Install Webmin

Now we can start installing webmin

Access Webmin via Web Browser

Now open a web browser from other computer and type the Debian server IP address with the following format


In case you see the privacy error, click show advanced and proceed to your server.

install webmin on debian 8

You should see the login page as follow

webmin on debian login page

And viola, happy administering your server via Webmin

webmin on debian 8

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