How to install Webmin 1.840 on Ubuntu 17.04

Hello everyone, today I will show you how to install Webmin 1.840 on Ubuntu 17.04. Webmin is a web based administration tool for Linux server. The new Webmin 1.840 brings a brand new user interface which more modern and way better.

webmin on ubuntu 17.04.png

Steps to install Webmin 1.840 on Ubuntu 17.04

Step 1. Login to the server

Either connect via SSH or any other method to the Ubuntu server or Ubuntu desktop as well. I usually use Termius (Google Chrome extension) to connect to my servers via SSH.

Step 2. Download Webmin


Step 3. Install Webmin

sudo gdebi webmin_1.840_all.deb

Install gdebi if you don’t have it already

sudo apt install gdebi

Output example:

web-based administration interface for Unix systems
Using Webmin you can configure DNS, Samba, NFS, local/remote filesystems
and more using your web browser. After installation, enter the URL
https://localhost:10000/ into your browser and login as root with your root
Do you want to install the software package? [y/N]:y

Once installed, we can start using Webmin via: https://ip-address:10000


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