How to Install Rancher on Ubuntu 18.04 – GUI Docker Containers Manager

Welcome to my Docker Tutorial. Today I am going to install Rancher on Ubuntu 18.04. Rancher is another GUI Docker Containers management which is a web-based application. So far, I have been using the command line to run, start, stop my Docker containers. But sometimes, I also use Portainer to monitor and manage the Docker containers. Well, Portainer comes with a pretty nice user interface which saves my time a lot. I just realize that there are many web-based Docker Containers manager. One of them that is worth to try is the Rancher.

Rancher Docker Container Manager supports Docker as well as Kubernetes. It supports almost any Linux distributions. You can easily deploy local containers or even deploy Rancher’s Kubernetes distribution anywhere in the cloud. This application will centrally manages multiple Kubernetes clusters. Rancher can provision and manage cloud Kubernetes services like GKE, EKS, and AKS or import existing clusters. Rancher implements centralized authentication (GitHub, AD/LDAP, SAML, etc.) across RKE or cloud Kubernetes services. For more information, please visit the official website for Rancher.

Steps to run Rancher on Ubuntu 18.04

To run Rancher container, simply execute the following command. But please note that you will need to have Docker installed on your Ubuntu prior to run this command.

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 8080:8080 rancher/server:stable

After the download completed, open a web browser and type your IP address followed by port number 8080. For example

Configure Access Control

Next, go to Admin | Access Control to configure the access control. 

In case you are going to use local authentication, click Local and then create a new admin user.

Add New Host

Next, you will need to add supported host. Rancher supports many cloud hosts such as Digital Ocean, EC2, Azure and many more. Go to Infrastructure | Hosts and then click Add Host. If your provider is not listed, you can use custom. Simply enter the public IP address and then copy the commands and execute it on your host.



Click Close and wait for few moments. 

Enjoy Rancher Docker Container Manager. Thanks for reading this how to install Rancher on Ubuntu 18.04

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