How to Install Parallels Tools on Fedora 32

This is a bit different post because today I am testing the Parallels Desktop on my Hackintosh I just built. I was impressed with the performance of macOS Catalina on my Thinkpad T450 laptop. I try to run Fedora 32 on Parallels. It works pretty well. The installation is pretty straight forward and it is very fast. Compared to VMware, Parallels works better on Mac, I guess.

After installing Fedora 32, the next step is to install the Parallels Tool. This is similar to VMware tool that will improve the graphical performance of the virtual machine. So let’s start.

Step 1. Install the required packages

It is important to update Fedora prior to the installation. Also, we need to install some additional packages. Before we install the Parallels Tools on Fedora 32, we need to install the following packages.

  • dkms
  • make
  • elfutils-libelf-devel
  • kernel-devel
  • selinux-policy-devel

So, execute this command to install all those files at once

sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install dkms make elfutils-libelf-devel kernel-devel selinux-policy-devel

Reboot Fedora.

Step 2. Mount the Parallels Tools

Start the Fedora virtual machine on Parallels. And then, from the Parallels menu, go to Actions >> Install Parallels Tools.

Click Continue if you see the above notification. And then switch to Fedora 32 and open the Files. Click Parallels Tools to see its content.

Step 3. Start the installation

As you can see, there are some files in the Parallels Tools. Right-click install-gui and then choose run to start the installation.

Enter your sudo or root password when asked. The installation will take a while to complete.


  1. Hi thanks for the info. However, I hit an error box from Parallels Tools Installation Agent saying ” An error has occurred while installing Parallels Tools”. The Parallels Desktop is now version 15.1.14.

  2. Love to know how you got things to compile. I tried this on a fresh Fedora 32 install and I get the error. In the log file it can’t find classmap.h

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