How to create Ubuntu 17.10 Live USB using Etcher

The new Ubuntu 17.10 is on the way. Even it still in development version (currently final Beta), we can download and try it. Today, we are going to show you how to create Ubuntu 17.10 Live USB. We use Etcher to create the Live USB. Etcher is a tiny application for Windows to create Live USB. It supports almost any Linux distributions. You can download the latest Etcher from this link.

Steps to create Ubuntu 17.10 Live USB

In order to create Live USB, you will need the following in hands:

  • Ubuntu 17.10 ISO. Download it from here
  • Etcher application installed on Windows 
  • USB flash disk with 4 GB space or more

Insert your USB flash disk to the USB port and then open Etcher. Click Select Image and browse to the ISO file you’ve downloaded. 

Click Flash to start the process. Once completed reboot your computer. Set to boot from USB (you may need to change the boot order from BIOS). Now enjoy Ubuntu 17.10

create Ubuntu 17.10 live usb

Please note that this Live USB is not capable to save your settings. Any change you made during Live session will be discarded upon reboot.

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