How to Create macOS Monterey USB Installer using Windows 11

This short article will show you how to create a macOS Monterey USB installer using Windows 11. There are several ways to do this, but I will show you the easiest and most convenient way to create the USB installer for Monterey Hackintosh. You can then use this USB installer to install macOS on your Hackintosh-supported PC or laptop. But please note that this is not a complete Hackintosh installation tutorial. There are some additional steps you need to take care if you want to install macOS on your PC. I will not explain it here.


  • 16 GB USB flash disk or bigger
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Good internet connection

Steps to Create macOS Monterey USB Installer using Windows 11

Step 1. Download macOS Monterey Full Image

First of all, we will download the macOS Monterey Full Image. A good internet connection is required here. We will download around 14 GB from the internet. Use the link below to download. Save it to your PC.

Save the file and you should have a file called something like this: Olarila Monterey 12.4.raw

Step 2. Download and Install Balena Etcher

Now download and install Balena Etcher. We will use this software to burn the image to the USB flash disk. You can download Etcher using the link we provided below.

balenaEtcher – Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives

Step 3. Burn the Image

Open Balena Etcher and then click Flash from File. Select the RAW image you downloaded from step 1. And then choose the USB flash disk by clicking the Target. Finally, click Flash to start the process. This process will take some time, be patient.

Step 4. Mount the EFI partition in Windows

Now we are ready to copy the EFI folder into the EFI partition on the USB drive. For Windows users, you can use DiskGenius to mount the EFI partition. You can download DiskGenius using the link below. It’s free.

Please note that we need a specific EFI folder for our hardware set. The EFI folder/boot loader is not universal. Different hardware configuration requires different EFI settings. So, we will not provide the EFI here.

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