How to Create a New Page on Oracle APEX

Hello everyone, welcome to another Oracle APEX Tutorial. In the previous article, you can see how to create a new Oracle APEX Database Application. After creating a new application, we need to add more pages to our application. For example, we may add one or more forms, report pages to our application. This page will interact directly with our users i.e, data entry user.

There are many page types in Oracle APEX. You can easily create Report, Form, Chart, Master-Detail page and many others. The wizard based creation process is very helpful even for a new user.

Steps to Create a New Page in Oracle APEX

Generally, we can create a new page with these simple steps. In the future, I will create another tutorial for each page type.

  1. Open your Application
  2. Click Create Page button
  3. Select page type from the list
  4. Give a name for the new page and specify the page attributes
  5. Specify the Navigation Menu
  6. Select the data source, table etc.
  7. Click Create

After the new page is ready, we can start customizing our new page.

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