Google Chrome 69.0 Brings Major Upgrades to the User Interface

If you are Google Chrome users, no matter in Windows, Linux or Android, you will notice a slight changes in your favorite web browser. Yes, the new Google Chrome 69.0 has some major upgrades. The most visible upgrade is the user interface. You will notice more rounded shape on the tab panel, as well as a new color palette. To be honest, this is the best looking for Google Chrome. It is more modern and easy to navigate through every menu and also it is more comfortable to use it. 

The Google Chrome 69.0 is the 10th-anniversary edition. You can read the full changelog and some other information about this release here. Not only for Windows, in Android and iOS you will also notice this kind of changes. 

Better Look

Like I’ve mentioned, this new Google Chrome has a better look, round style design which is more modern. In the end, this could improve your productivity when using Google Chrome for your daily activities. 

The search bar experience is also improved with a new rounded style. Now, it is even easier to work with the search bar. 

More Secure

Google Team claim that the new Google Chrome has a new and better way to handle passwords. Chrome will automatically generate a strong password for you. For example, when you are registering yourself on a new booking website, and it needs you to create a new password, you can utilize this feature. Chrome will generate a strong password and will save it. So, next time you sign in, the password is there and sync across your computer and phone.

Read the full changelog 

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