How to Enable SSH on Bitnami Virtual Appliances

By default, Bitnami Virtual Appliance cannot be accessed through SSH. Not sure why they disable the SSH access but I think it’s more a security prevention. On this tutorial, we will guide you how to enable SSH on Bitnami Virtual Appliance. There are many appliances you can choose from. On this tutorial, I am using Bitnami MySQL Server appliance running on my Virtualbox. The virtual appliance is distributed in OVF format. You may want to have a look at how to open this OVF virtual appliance on Virtualbox or VMWare

enable ssh on bitnami virtual appliance

How to Enable SSH on Bitnami Virtual Appliance

Step 1. Download and run your appliance

You can either run the appliance on cloud server, or VMware. Please refers to the official documentation on how to run the virtual appliance. 

Further reading:

Step 2. Configure SSH

Now, log in to your Bitnami appliance. Usually the default user for login is bitnami, password: bitnami. You will be asked to change the password on the first login. Now we need to remove the file sshd_not_to_be_run.

Next, start and enable ssh service

Check the ssh status

Output example:

At this point our SSH server is up and running. You can connect using your public key. 

Configure SSH to use password authentication

After the steps above, you still won’t be able to connect to Bitnami Virtual Appliance via SSH using password authentication. Now we need to enable the password authentication. Please keep in mind that the public key authentication is way better than password authentication in term of security. 

Edit the sshd_config

Find the following line

Change it to this

Now close and save the file. (using CTRL + X) if you are using nano editor. Now restart ssh service

Now try to log in from other computer via SSH. For example, I can log in from my other Linux box with this ssh command

Done. Thanks for reading this How to Enable SSH on Bitnami Virtual Appliance. 

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