How to enable HTTPS protocol on FreeNAS 9.10

By default, we can access FreeNAS 9.10 webGUI via HTTP protocol. This is not a secure way to access our server via HTTP. In order to secure the connection to the FreeNAS webGUI, it is recommended to enable HTTPS protocol on it. To enable HTTPS protocol on FreeNAS, follow these simple steps.

Steps to enable HTTPS protocol on FreeNAS 9.10

Step 1. Create Internal Certificate

If you don’t have any certificates, you can easily create a new internal certificate from FreeNAS GUI.┬áBefore we can create our first internal certificate, we need to create Internal CA.

Go to System | CAs | Create internal CA

Enter the required field to create Internal CA. This internal CA is required on the next step to create Internal Certificate below.

Go to System | Certificates | Create Internal Certificate.

Now our certificate is ready.

Step 2. Enable HTTPS

Go to System | General

Here we can change the protocol to HTTPS and select the new certificate we just created on earlier step.

Close and save. Now you can access FreeNAS WebGUI via HTTPS.

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