EasyNAS 0.7.2 – A Simple but powerful NAS System for Your Network

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I just installed EasyNAS 0.7.2, an OpenSUSE based distribution for NAS system. It’s pretty much similar to FreeNAS with some differences. EasyNAS is simple, lightweight and powerful NAS system. I am not going to compare EasyNAS with other NAS system such as FreeNAS or Nethserver. EasyNAS features main functionality of Network Attached Storage (NAS). It comes with minimal features but for a home and small office, this should be sufficient.

easy nas dashboard.png

EasyNAS Features

I have summarized some main features of EasyNAS. This list is based on version 0.7.2 and maybe will change in the future releases.

  • Based on OpenSUSE Linux
  • Powered by¬†Linux Kernel version 4.12.9
  • Graphical resource monitor
  • Built in disk and volume manager
  • Supports main file sharing services: Samba, Rsync, DLNA, FTP, NFS, AFP
  • Support Radius and Web server services
  • Schedule snapshot feature
  • Built in user and group manager
  • Nice and clean web management console

The addon modules are not implemented on EasyNAS, at least for now. So, we only stick to the default features on EasyNAS. We cannot add more features to it.


EasyNAS will perform clean install and format the entire disk on your server or PC. Since its only needs small amount of storage, you can use your USB flash disk to install EasyNAS. But you are free to use your existing hard drive as well. The installation is pretty straight forward and does not need any user intervention during installation.

Upon completion, you will see the following menu on your screen. You will need to change the admin password in order to access the web dashboard.

easynas menu.png

Web Dashboard

Personally, I like the simple dashboard on EasyNAS. It is very easy to use, even for a newbie. There are 5 main sections on the web dashboard. You can access various system settings and resource monitoring on the SYSTEM tab.

easynas resource monitor.png

With EasyNAS, configuring Samba server is never been easier before. With just few clicks, you will have your Samba server up and running to server file sharing service on your network.

easynas samba.png

Bottom Line

There are many features that I need to explore and try. EasyNAS is a great solution for your who are looking for a simple, lightweight NAS server operating system for your network. Get your copy Now.

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