Download Crashplan Backup for Linux

download crashplan backup for linux

Looking for a reliable Cloud Backup Software for Linux? Crashplan offers a great backup solution for Linux. This is the new Crashplan Backup for Linux, a GUI backup software that runs on Linux. If you are looking for a powerful cloud backup software for your Linux desktop, Crashplan is a good way to start. You can put your backup in the cloud storage, on a local disk or remote computer. Crashplan Backup for Linux supports almost any Linux desktop such as Ubuntu, Debian and derivatives. You can download Crashplan Backup for Linux using the link below.

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download crashplan backup for linux

Crashplan for Linux Features

  • Simple interface
  • Support cloud storage (Crashplan Central)
  • Support local disk/network share
  • Easy to use
  • Stable and reliable

Crashplan requires Java to run. But don’t worry, if you don’t have Java, the installer will automatically download Java and install it for you.

Download Crashplan Backup for Linux

Download the latest version of Crashplan Backup for Linux and start backup your Linux desktop. Stay tuned on this blog. We will show you how to install Crashplan on various Linux distribution.

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