How to create Snapshot on Amazon LightSail Instance

This tutorial is going to show you how to create snapshot on Amazon LightSail Instance. Backup, snapshot is a critical things to consider by all sysadmin out there. By having a regular backup or snapshot of our LightSail instance, we can easily go back to previous stable system if any bad things happen to our instance. Fortunately, creating snapshot on Amazon LightSail is very easy.

How to create snapshot on Amazon LightSain Instance

To start creating a new snapshot, first login to your Amazon LightSail account. Click on your instance that you want to backup. Go to Snapshots tab as shown on the following picture.

Click Create Snapshot to start the process. You will see your recent snapshots shown on that page as well. The snapshot process can be done without having to shut down your instance.

How to restore from a Snapshot

In case you want to restore your instance from a snapshot, simply follow these steps below.

how to create snapshot on amazon lightsail

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