Create New Shapefile Layer on QGIS

Hello everyone, welcome to my QGIS Tutorial. I have a special category on this website that is dedicated to anyone who wants to start using and learning QGIS. So, mostly my tutorial beginner friendly. Today, I am going to start with a simple QGIS Tutorial to create new shapefile layer on QGIS. Shapefile (.shp) is a popular GIS file format that used by ESRI. QGIS supports Shapefile natively. We don’t need to install additional plugin or software in order to use SHP format on QGIS. 

Shapefile layer on QGIS supports three different types: point, line, and polygon. But keep in mind, that we need to have separate layers for each type. We cannot draw or create lines on point shapefile layer vice versa.

Steps to create new Shapefile Layer on QGIS

Follow these steps below to start to create new shapefile layer on QGIS:

  1. Go to Layer | Create Layer | New Shapefile Layer
  2. Select the type of your data. 
  3. You can add more fields to the new layer. These fields can hold additional information to the file/layer.
  4. Click OK and then give a name for the new shapefile
  5. Now you can start editing the new shapefile layer

Create New Shapefile Layer on QGIS


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