Create Linux Lite 3.4 Live USB from Ubuntu 16.04

I have an old laptop with Intel Centrino processor. I want to make it usable again by installing Linux on it.But unfortunately I cannot install 64 bit Linux on my old laptop. Thanks to Linux Lite that still provides 32 bit support for their great Linux distribution. Linux Lite is a great Linux distribution for Desktop. This quick tutorial is going to show you how to create Linux Lite Live USB. I use Linux Lite version 3.4 which is the latest stable version.

Steps to create Linux Lite 3.4 Live USB from Ubuntu 16.04

Step 1. Download Linux Lite 3.4

Get the latest Linux Lite 3.4 ISO file from here if you don’t have it yet.

Step 2. Insert USB flash disk

It is recommended to have 4 GB flash disk or bigger to hold the Linux Lite files.

Step 3. Create Live USB

We will use “dd” command to create the live USB from the ISO file we’ve downloaded from the first step above. Lets start by checking the partitions on our system.

The command will display all partitions on our system. This is my output:

As you can see, my USB flash disk is recognized as /dev/sdd. Please be aware that this can be different on each computer. Make sure you choose the right disk, other wise you will lose your data.

Change /dev/sdd with your USB drive label. Wait a moment until the process is completed.

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