CentOS Tutorial – How to install FTP Server on CentOS 7 using Vsftpd

Hello everyone, today I am going to install FTP Server on CentOS 7 using vsftpd. There are several ways to have a private FTP Server instead of using vsftpd. But here I will only cover the vsftpd. FTP Server is an old file transfer protocol that has been used widely over the years. With FTP Server we can easily upload or download files from our local computer to the remote FTP Server.

install ftp server on centos 7

Operating System Details:

  • Distribution: CentOS 7 minimal install
  • Kernel: 3.10-0
  • Ip address:

How to install FTP Server on CentOS 7

Step 1. Install vsftpd

First, we need to install vsftpd package on CentOS 7. Since I am using CentOS 7 minimal install, with no GUI, all tasks will be done via Terminal command.

Step 2. Configure vsftpd

Edit the file /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

Now find the following sections and change it to the one below.

Disable anonymous access

Allow ASCII Mode

Specify chroot list

Uncomment ls_recurse_enable

Change ipv4 listen setting

Add this to the last line

Change Firewall to allow vsftpd

Now add any user you want to give access to the chroot_list file

For example I add “dhani” to the file.

Start vsftpd service

Check the status

Step 3. Test the FTP Connection

Now you can try to connect to your ftp server from other computer. For example, I connect to my new ftp server from command line.

At this point our FTP server is ready. Thanks for reading this tutorial on how to install ftp server on CentOS 7. Please consider sharing this article if you think its useful. Bye


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