Budgie Desktop 10.4, a modern and promising Desktop Environment

solus os 3 budgie

The new version of Budgie Desktop 10.4 is now available along with Solus OS release. Budgie Desktop 10.4 is a modern desktop environment which is mainly based on GNOME. But, to be honest, Budgie is way better than GNOME in some parts. Take a look at the following official screenshots of Budgie Desktop 10.4 on Solus OS 3. They have redesigned the App menu, add more smooth animation and now it has Budgie Settings where we can change many settings for Budgie Desktop. You may read the official release note of Budgie Desktop 10.4 here.

I am waiting for this new Budgie Desktop 10.4 ported to other distributions such as Manjaro and Ubuntu. When this post is being written, Budgie Desktop 10.3.1-2 is the latest version on Pacman repository.

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