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I just installed the new ArchLabs 4.1 on my Virtualbox. This is my first time I install ArchLabs on my computer and I am pretty impressed so far. ArchLabs is another Arch based Linux distribution with Openbox desktop. Its a pretty nice and beautiful distribution out of the box. I would like to install this ArchLabs on my old laptop but unfortunately there is no 32 bit version available. Or is it?

Beautiful Desktop

ArchLabs 4.1 is powered with Openbox 3.6.1 and Linux Kernel 4.11.3. You will love this distribution from the beginning, even before you log in.

archlabs 4.1 login.png

ArchLabs 4.1 screenshots 1.png

Easy to customize

ArchLabs is also a rolling release distribution just like its ancestor Arch Linux. I enjoy exploring this distribution. There are many conkies that comes with the installation. Chance to customize on this distribution is wide open.

archlabs 4.1 customization.png

Installed Applications

There are many applications shipped inside the installable ISO. LibreOffice, Firefox, Vivaldi, Chromium, VLC Media Player, InkScape, GIMP and many others. All those applications can be accessed through right click style menu.

archlabs 4.1 menu.png

archlabs 4.1 applications.png

Software Management

ArchLabs 4.1 utilize Pamac Software Manager to handle application installation tasks. Its a simple package management that has been used widely by most Arch based Linux distribution.

archlabs 4.1 package manager.png

Interested? You can download the ArchLabs 4.1 Installation ISO from the following links:

Don’t forget to visit and support the official ArchLabs website at:

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