How to add new disk to existing Volume Group

Ubuntu Tutorial – On this short tutorial, I will show you how to add new disk to existing volume group. By adding more disks to the pool, we can have an extensive size of a volume group. This can be useful when we are running out of disk space on a logical volume and need to expand its size.


This tutorial will guide you the following:

  • Create new physical volume
  • Add PV to existing Volume Group

Create Physical Volume

Before we can add the disk to the VG, we need to create a PV(Physical Volume). On the previous tutorial, I have shown how to create physical volume. The following command will create new physical volume on /dev/vdc disk. Check your disk using fdisk -l command.

Add Physical Volume to Existing Volume Group

After we created the new PV on the new disk, now we can add this PV to existing VG.

manjaro_lvm is the VG name, and /dev/vdc is my new physical volume. Now our VG has been extended with new hard disk. We can check it using vgdisplay command

Before extended:

After Extended

You can see the VG size is now changed to 44.99 GiB.

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