5 Reasons Why You Must Have This HD Video Converter

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Working with multiple video formats could become a pain in the ass if you don’t have a good tool. Having various cameras or other video devices often end up with multiple video formats. Also, different clients often need different video formats. In most cases, you will need a powerful video converter tool that can handle any formats. I would suggest the new version of HD Video Converter Factory Pro by Wonderfox. We have some reasons why we recommend this software for you.

A. Supports Many Video and Audio Formats

After using this software, my search for video converter software stopped here. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the king of video formats. It supports many video and audio formats. Some of my favorite formats are: MKV, MP4, 3GP, DIVX H264 for MP4. Don’t worry, this video converter software has more to offers. As mentioned in the official website, this software can convert more than 300 file formats.

hd video converter pro formats.png

B. Many built-in Profiles

HD Video Converter Factory Pro full version comes with many built-in profiles. You don’t have to remember and create manual profiles for your devices or clients. Well, if you want the manual way, it still possible though.

hd video converter pro profiles.png

Want to export video for your iPhone X, iPad Pro? or Apple TV? Don’t worry, this software is here for you.

C. Nice User Interface

For some people, this is not an important factor. But for me, it is. HD Video Converter Factory Pro comes with a modern design. Forget about old style layout with so many buttons. You can master this software in few minutes without headache.

hd video converter pro main.png

Simply add you files and then select the output format or profiles and BOOMM….you are set.

D. Upload to remote FTP feature

Personally, I don’t use this feature but in case you want to upload your video to your FTP site, this software is ready for it.

hd video converter pro ftp.png

E. Video Downloader Included

This is an interesting feature that you will get in HD Video Converter Factory Pro full version. You can download video from YouTube directly from this software. No need to install third party YouTube Downloader anymore. Not only that, this software supports download from more than 300 sites at many resolutions including: 8K, 4K, Full HD.

hd video converter pro video downloader.png

Last but not least, you will also have ringtone creator. Wonderfox Ringtone Studio will help you to create ringtone for your iOS or Android devices. Its very easy to use.

hd video converter pro ringtone.png

Bottom Line

I was always looking for a free video converter that supports any formats. But unfortunately that kind of tool is actually does not exist. Now I better spend some little money to purchase a good video converter for my projects. HD Video Converter Pro full version has saves me a lot of time and money. Download now and try this software for free. If you are satisfied with the performance and results, well…buying the full version is a smart move. You will get the registration key after purchase.

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