Install WPS Office on Debian 9 Stretch

WPS Office is another Office Suite alternative to Microsoft Office. While MS Office is not available for Linux, WPS Office comes to play. It’s a free Office Suite you can use on your Linux distribution. WPS Office comes with a nice and interesting user interface. Personally, I would prefer this WPS Office than the OpenOffice or LibreOffice. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install WPS Office on Debian 9 Stretch. WPS Office comes with 3 applications: Write, Spreadsheet and Presentation. 

WPS Office Screenshots on Debian 9

install WPS Office on Debian 9

Steps to install WPS Office on Debian 9 Stretch

Installing WPS Office on Debian 9 is pretty easy but there is one thing we need to solve during the installation. But let’s start from the beginning. First, we need to download WPS Office for Linux (DEB package). You can click this link to download or use the following command to download the WPS Office DEB package. Please note that this is the 64 bit version. For another version, please visit the official download page

Now try to install it with this command

You will possibly end up with the following error:

Solution How to fix dependency problem on Debian 9 while installing WPS Office “Package libpng12-0 is not installed”

Download and install libpng12-0. Please note that this package is now obsolete and does not available for Debian Stretch. But I can install it and works well on my Debian 9. 

Install the libpng12-0 package

Now try to reinstall the WPS Deb package once again


Now the WPS Office installation is successful. 

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