Debian Tutorial – How to Install WordPress on Debian 9

Debian Tutorial – Hello everyone, today I will guide you how to install WordPress on Debian 9. As you know, WordPress is a free, popular Content Management System which is easy to use and very stable. It has been used widely by millions of users around the world.

Steps to install WordPress on Debian 9 Stretch

  1. Install LAMP Server on Debian 9
  2. Create new MySQL Database and user for WordPress
  3. Install and configure WordPress

Step 1. Install LAMP Server on Debian 9

Please read my previous tutorial to install LAMP Server on Debian 9. Make sure you follow the steps shown on that page and ensure that your web server is up and running before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 2. Create a new MySQL Database and user for WordPress

Open Terminal or login via SSH to Debian and then log in to MySQL. The following example below shown how I created a new database called ‘wordpress’ and new user called ‘wordpress’ with password ‘12345’.

Step 3. Install and Configure WordPress

First we need to download latest version of WordPress. You can use the following command to download.


It will produce a new directory called wordpress. You can rename it to anything but on this tutorial, I leave it as wordpress.

Change permission

Move to the apache web serve root

Configure WordPress via Web Browser

Now open a web browser and type the Debian IP address with the following format:


Change ip_address with your actual IP address. Now the installation wizard will open up and enter the details required on that page.

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Now you can enjoy your new WordPress site on Debian 9 Server. Thanks for reading this how to Install WordPress on Debian 9, leave us comments if any queries. You may want to check out my other interesting tutorial relating to Debian 9 below:


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